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Best Short of the Season 

Sea Light.jpg

Sea Light


Directed by John Doe


14 minutes 46 seconds


Best LGBTQ Short of the Season  

Min's Tale.jpg

Min's Tale


Directed by Rakesh Sidana


2 Minute 33 Seconds


Best Short Music video of the of the Season 

Mozah - Berlin To Beijing.jpg

Mozah - Berlin To Beijing


Directed by Peter Heinrichs


3 minutes 39 seconds


Best Fictional Short of the Season 

The Conversation.jpg

The Conversation


Directed by Kevin Overton


7 minutes 37 seconds

(United States)

Best Animation film of the Season 

On Off.jpg

On / Off


Directed by Nicolas P. Villarreal


7 Minute 03 Seconds


Best Documentary Short of the Season 

A Better Place.jpg

A Better Place


Directed by Jennifer Fearnley


32 minutes 44 seconds

(United Kingdom)

Best Experiment Short of the Season  

The Fisherman and The Fish.jpg

The Fisherman and The Fish


Directed by Aleksandr Krapivkin & Olya Mikhaylova


17 minutes 47 seconds

(United States)

Best Environmental Short of the Season 




Directed by Tova Beck-Friedman


3 minutes 4 seconds

(United States)

Best Mobile Film of the Season 

Catchall Kenny.jpg

Catchall Kenny


Directed by Patrick Caporuscio


9 minutes 37 seconds

(United States)

Best Social Short of the Season 




Directed by LOK YUNG LO


19 minutes 30 seconds

(Hong Kong)

Best Noir Short of the Season 


Scape Learning


Directed by Hiroshi Atobe


1 minute


Best Comedy short of the Season 




Directed by Paul De Cinque


8 minutes 40 seconds


Best Romantic Short of the Season 

Close Dance.jpg

Close Dance


Directed by Camilla Klemming & Jan Palmblad


3 minutes 3 seconds


Best Trailer of the Season 

Death in the Wire.jpg

Death in the Wire


Directed by Bob Eckhard


30 seconds

(United Kingdom)

Best Direction of of the Season

The Fronts of War.jpg

The Fronts of War


Directed by Thomas Gardner


7 minutes

(United Kingdom)

Best Debut Filmmaker of the Season 




Directed by Bijjakuggwa Kawooya


11 minutes


Best Women's Film Short of the Season 




Directed by Pruthvi Kunigal


24 minutes 46 seconds


Best Cinematography of the Season 

Anxiety Overcome.jpg

Anxiety Overcome


Directed by Philippe Hamelle


17 minutes 30 seconds


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