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Best Short of the Season  




Directed by Luís Damas


10 minutes


Best LGBTQ Short of the Season  




Directed by NJ Brown


32 minutes 8 seconds

(United States)

Best Music Video of Season 

Hot VaXxX Summer.jpg

Hot VaXxX Summer


Directed by Johaira Michelle Dilauro


2 minutes 45 seconds

(United States)

Best Animation Short of the Season 

The Matchbox.jpg

The Matchbox


Directed by Tanya Bozhinova


3 minutes 6 seconds


Best Documentary Short of the Season 

This Project is Retired.jpg

This Project is Retired


Directed by Nathaniel Avila


10 minutes 23 seconds

(United States)

Best Experimental Short of the Season 




Directed by Ghatfan GHANOOM


13 minutes


Best Environmental Shorts of the Season  

Pale Blue Dot A Tale of Two Stargazers.jpg

Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of Two Stargazers


Directed by Matteo Scarfò


18 minutes 1 second


Best Fiction Short of the Season

Me and Myself.jpg

Me and Myself


Directed by Passos Zamith


9 minutes 22 seconds


Best Social Short of the Season 

Yaadumaagi Ninrai.jpg

Yaadumaagi Ninrai


Directed by Nittish Praboojit


11 minutes 11 seconds


Best Mobile Film of the Season 

Trapped Cat.jpg

Trapped Cat


Directed by Jaime Fidalgo


2 minutes


Best Comedy Short of the Season 

Late Check-Out.jpg

Late Check-Out


Directed by Ivan Trpimir Lozić

15 minutes 28 seconds


Best Romantic Short of the Season  




Directed by Piero Cannata


6 minutes 25 seconds


Best Direction of the Season 

Red Carpet.jpg

Red Carpet


Directed by MALAS TWINS


14 minutes 12 seconds

(Syrian Arab Republic)

Best Debut Filmmaker of the Season  

Black or White.jpg

Black or White


Directed by Nairita Banerjee


2 minutes

(United States)

Best Women's Film of the Season  

Rocks and Crows.jpg

Rocks and Crows


Directed by Anne Thorens


4 minutes 10 seconds


Best Lead Role of the Season

The Breakfast.jpg

The Breakfast


Directed by Varunagini


14 minutes 51 seconds


Best Screenplay of the Season 


Gimme Shelter Part Three


Written by Kevin O’Neal AKA Dave Davidson


No. of Pages 110

(United States)

Runner Up Screenplay of the Season  




Written by Robert Mazzonna


No. of Pages 123

(United States)

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