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    SEASON IV    

Official Selected - Film/Screenplay

  • ALL IS WELL Directed by BARNALI RAY SHUKLA (India)

  • Bigfoot! Directed by jason F Iannarino (United States)

  • Black or White Directed by Nairita Banerjee (United States)

  • Gimme Shelter Part Three Written by Kevin O’Neal AKA Dave Davidson (United States)

  • Hot VaXxX Summer Directed by Johaira Michelle Dilauro (United States)

  • How to be Directed by Isabel Bernal (Spain)

  • Jacob Night Rides a Rainbow Directed by Maxim Bogdanov (Russian Federation)

  • JI (SIR) Directed by M Suresh (India)

  • Late Check-Out Directed by Ivan Trpimir Lozić (Croatia)

  • Letters Directed by Ghatfan GHANOOM (France)

  • Me and Myself Directed by Passos Zamith (Portugal)

  • Music of Love Directed by Melissa Glasscock (United States)

  • Not Fair Directed by Cassandra Rudge, Shawn Tan (Singapore)

  • Open for Business Official Music Video Directed by Theodore Lee Jones (United States)

  • Pablo Neruda Directed by Bagu (India)

  • Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of Two Stargazers Directed by Matteo Scarfò (Italy)

  • Partner Directed by Trupil Sharad Patil (India)

  • Red Carpet Directed by MALAS TWINS (France)

  • RESET Directed by NJ Brown (United States)

  • Rocks and Crows Directed by Anne Thorens (Switzerland)

  • Roll No. 17 Directed by Dhananjoy Mandal (India)

  • ROMANCE Directed by Piero Cannata (Italy)

  • Spring Pan Let's Go! [Original Version] Directed by Jet INOUE (Japan)

  • Super - Soup Directed by Iacopo Fulgi, Valerio Maggi (France)

  • Tandemgenitor Written by Robert Mazzonna (United States)

  • The Breakfast Directed by Varunagini (Germany)

  • the game just got real Directed by bellopropello (Switzerland)

  • The Gate Directed by Kino Jin (United States)

  • The Glasscity Directed by Ramazan Demir (Turkey)

  • The Matchbox Directed by Tanya Bozhinova (Bulgaria)

  • This Project is Retired Directed by Nathaniel Avila (United States)

  • Trapped Cat Directed by Jaime Fidalgo (Spain)

  • Unspeakable Directed by Luís Damas (Portugal)

  • Yaadumaagi Ninrai Directed by Nittish Praboojit (United States)

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