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Best Short of the Season

A date with Mother.jpg

A date with Mother


Directed by Bhaumik Bhatt


7 minutes


Best LGBTQ Short of the Season

Dear Bhargava.jpg

Dear Bhargava


Directed by Ramnath Shanbhag


16 minutes 6 seconds


Best Short Music Video of the Season 

Love´s worst nightmare (ft. Liz Kretschmer) - Music video.jpg

Love´s worst nightmare (ft. Liz Kretschmer)


Directed by Philippe Funk


3 minutes 25 seconds


Best Mobile Film of the Season 

You Don’t Own Me.jpg

You Don’t Own Me


Directed by Jenell Diegor


10 minutes


Best Animated Short of the Season 

The Boy and The Mountain.jpg

The Boy and The Mountain


Directed by Santiago Aguilera & Gabriel Monreal


11 minutes 23 seconds


Best Documentary Short of the Season 

City of Lanes.jpg

City of Lanes


Directed by Modak KS & Ragini Rao Munjuluri


39 minutes 47 seconds


Best Web Series of the season 

Back Stabber- Season 2.jpg

Back Stabber- Season 2


Directed by Ryan Zamo & Jordan Fraser


30 minutes

(United States)

Best Experimental Short of the Season 

Colourful and creative Leipzig in 3D Audio (wear headphones).jpg

Colourful and creative Leipzig in 3D Audio (wear headphones)


Directed by Martin Rieger


1 minute 42 seconds


Best Thriller Short of the Season 




Directed by Rafael de Andrade


10 minutes


Best Noir Short of the Season 

What The Heart Wants.jpg

What The Heart Wants


Directed by Darrell Portz


4 minutes 59 seconds


Best Fictional Short of the Season 

‘Til the Orchid Blooms.jpg

‘Til the Orchid Blooms


Directed by Sophie Song


21 minutes


Best Comedy Short of the Season 

Matty Boy.jpg

Matty Boy


Directed by Dr Shahid Kamal


13 minutes 57 seconds

(United Kingdom)

Best Horror Short of the Season 




Directed by Piero Cannata


8 minutes 10 seconds


Best Environmental Short of the Season 

Djibril's Forest.jpg

Djibril's Forest


Directed by Thomas Ceulemans


39 minutes 59 seconds


Best Social Short of the Season 

I'm Sorry Age Don't Make You Grown.jpg

I'm Sorry Age Don't Make You Grown


Directed by Clark Bishop


7 minutes 28 seconds

(United States)

Best Direction of the Season 

Adam In Aeternum.jpg

Adam In Aeternum


Directed by Pedro Jaen R.


14 minutes 55 seconds


Best Debut FilmMaker of the Season 

Sounds of the Dreamers.jpg

Sounds of the Dreamers


Directed by Adé abegunde


14 minutes 58 seconds


Best Women's Film Short of the Season 




Directed by Sander Ligthart


28 minutes 58 seconds


Best Lead Role of the Season 




Directed by Ajitesh Sharma


23 minutes 6 seconds


Best Screenplay of the Season of the Season 




Written by Shockadelic


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